Team Building

Sailing is a great way to take in the sights of the city, while also learning a new team-oriented skill which requires solid communication and building trust among the crew. This is the perfect way to bring your team together in a fun and creative way.

One Sailboat (Up to 10p)
This exciting and interactive experience is ideal for building the core skills that create a high-performance team. Increase awareness of your team process. Learn how pressure stimulates teamwork. Understand how leadership is applied in a team environment.
Your team will learn the basics of sailing, communication, and teamwork. After training, the entire team will work together to sail and successfully navigate around a course.

Regatta – 2 Sailboats (Up To 10p each)
Experience a race in the key Biscayne bay putting Mia vs Duende, our 2 beautiful classic sailboat. Your team will be divide in 2 groups and they will race against each other. This is ideal for thoses who want to experience the excitement of a match race and teamwork in action.

“A good crew is always a great team”
Captain Randy Gomez
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